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About us

JAUJA is a family owned business founded by the Muñoz Alarcon brothers. The story starts in the 40s when a shop was opened in the city centre Murcia;  the capital of the Region of Murcia in south-eastern  Spain.

The ‘Pimentón’, Spanish paprika, was a tradition in the family and it is during this decade when the brothers started manufacturing and selling paprika, spices and other local products all over Spain.
They set up premises for production in Cabezo de Torres, a small town near Murcia and developed the brand name ‘JAUJA’ that will become the name of the company too.

Other strategic points were set up for production and distribution in various parts of Spain. The ones in Mallorca and Santiago de Compostela were key for the growth of JAUJA production and consumption.


Today, our manufacturing premises for Spanish paprika, spices and spice blends for the meat industry are still located in Cabezo de Torres. There is a wide range of products manufactured to meet the demands of our current consumers and potential customers. The process is carefully monitored by our experienced staff using high quality resources adequate to achieve our consumers’ goals.

Mission and Objectives

JAUJA is a consolidated food company with more than 70 years of experience. Its mission is to provide both its customers and consumers with HIGH QUALITY Spanish paprika, spices and blends for cold meat and sausages. Our excellent products are a result of the raw material we used and our staff commitment.

JAUJA ongoing objectives are not only to improve national and international markets but also to increase them with the same high quality and service. Quality, efficiency, reliability and commitment are values deeply rooted in our company that define our corporate culture.

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